Food Growing Christchurch Garden Consultancy Services

At Sigma Greens we are Growing food in Christchurch and providing a consultancy service so you can do the same.

How do I change my lawn to a eatable garden fast? How do I create a vegetable garden? How do I make a vegetable garden and how long will it take before I can start to get food out of it? What resources do I need and what do I already have? Where can I find those resources such as compost and seed? My goal is to help people with all these things.

Oyster Mushrooms Christchurch- How do I grow Microgreens and Oyster mushrooms indoors?

Why not grow indoors and outdoors? A small grow area for microgreens and Oyster Mushrooms can be set up if you don't have room outside or if you just want to make the best of both indoor and outdoor growing.  

Price is $50 per hour in person or via video phone consultation.

Food Growing Christchurch and lawns to gardens fast in particular are idea's that revolve around becoming more self sufficient and more in touch with the food we consume and the land we live on.

Food Growing Christchurch is supported by lawns to gardens fast! 

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