Christchurch Oyster Mushrooms Sigma Greens

Christchurch Oyster Mushrooms, how are they grown? These are grown indoors in a Tent with fresh air and humidity being pumped in as the oxygen and moisture is needed for them to grow well. This is what is called a negative pressure room so all the air needs to be sucked out of the room on a ongoing basis to keep the mushrooms happy. 

They require sterile blocks that are sterilized in a pressure cooker that are then inoculated with grain spawn. After a few weeks the mycelium takes over then bag and it is ready to fruit.

Christchurch Oyster Mushrooms - what temperature and humidity do they grow at? Incubation stage it's around 23 Celsius but 20-27 is ok. Like with all Mushrooms they would benefit from a temperature drop before fruiting, this is when the bag is cut. Then the humidity is kept at around 90 % for a few days until they are ready to harvest at which point humidity is dropped slightly in order to maintain their shelf life and to capture the optimum harvest time. 


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